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Covid-19 Impacting your Wedding Plans?

    In speaking with a number of couples concerned about how Covid is impacting their wedding journey, I thought it would be best to jot down the top three questions I have answered over the past 5 weeks with my clients.    Each day the information on COVID-19 is changing, which can make it difficult to get a definitive answer especially if your wedding is right around the corner. There is no amount of information that can eliminate the stress of having to potentially re-plan your wedding in days when you spent 8+ months of planning. The main question is where do you even begin? The goal of sharing these questions, is to give you a starting point.

3 of the most Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

1. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, should I change keep, postpone or cancel my wedding ?

It depends on when your wedding date is, if your wedding date is within the next 6 weeks,

You should postpone your wedding for a future date. Dates are filling up fast so act quickly.

If your wedding is in July and beyond, I recommend waiting until next month to see the new directives for non-essential businesses.If businesses can reopen their doors in May, by July they will have regained some sense of normalcy by your event date.

Cancelling your wedding would be something to consider if your venue and vendors would issue you a refund or allow you to downsize to a micro-wedding or elopement once the restrictions are lifted.

2. If my vendors are not available on my new wedding date, should I just accept their recommendations as my new vendor?

Do your due diligence in reviewing the work of the new vendor , speak with them. Ultimately you want to have a good rapport with the new vendor as you did with your first choice.  

3. My venue only has week day availability , would my guests come to my wedding?

I always tell my clients – the guests that want to be there will be there. Thursdays are the new Sundays for weddings. If you have any additional questions, need help re-booking elements of your wedding or want to leverage our services. Feel free to reach out to us via email and we would be happy to connect virtually.

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