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Event & Venue Coordinator - What is the difference in their jobs?

How is your event planning coming along? If you have begun your venue search you have noticed the mention of a venue coordinator as a venue feature. What do they do? How is it different from Event Planning or Coordination?

Venue Coordinators help facilitate the flow of an event. Managing the venue's resources to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. During the day of your event they will try to help in any other areas you need assistance with but they don't have the background knowledge of your vision at the same level of Event Planner or Coordinator. What does this mean? They would manage the vendors on site and most will not assist with decor setup to give a few examples.

Event Planners - Partners with you to cultivate your vision and reduce the stress of planning an event along the way. They identify venues/vendors (including price and contract negotiations) for your event that are within budget and ensures all logistics are reviewed along the way to keep your vision on track.

Event Coordinators - Four to Six weeks before your event, the coordinator will begin to work with you to understand the vision you planned to date. Provide recommendations for vendors (if necessary) and build your event timeline. On the day of your event the coordinator is there for the bride and groom, to execute your vision and manage the vendors so you can enjoy your event.

As each event is unique there are always additional things that Event Planners and Coordinators will do to reduce as much stress as possible.

When your deciding what type of help you want to receive, ask questions to ensure the support you will get for the needs you have.

If you are ready to be present! Receive help collecting your thoughts and Enjoy the journey! Give us a call today and we can help you with your Wedding Planning and Coordination needs here at Distinctive Visions Events.

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