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How to find reception venues that are within budget?

When you begin searching for a venue, there can be dozens to hundreds to research. To narrow down the list of venues that will fit into your budget requires some math. Lets use round numbers, assuming your budget is 20K, in this example we will allocate 8K (40% of the total budget) for reception venue. Reception venues are typically 40-50% of the total budget based on guest size and time of the year. Note: If you are having the ceremony at the same site, that fee is not included.

1) Take the reception budget and divide by the number of guests = price per plate (all-in) 2) Take the price per plate and divide by 1.2 (assumption that gratuity is 20%), then divide by 1.0875 (where 8.75% is the tax rate- your local tax may be different) = price per plate pre tax 3) Adjust your search criteria to be within the range of pretax and gratuity per plate for your desired area.

Note: Venue pricing is lower in off peak season. If you want to save even more, consider a wedding date in the off season.

If you conducted your initial search and saw that you still have hundreds of results, don't worry just ask yourself...

Are you ready to be present, stress less and save more? If so, give us a call today and we can help you with your Event Planning and Coordination needs. Did I forget to mention that we can save you time and money in your venue search while ensuring you get all that you want and need for your event. Ask us How!

Regards,How to find reception venues that are within budget?

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