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Planning a backyard wedding? Here are a few tips to help you

Backyard weddings while they are beautiful and intimate, they do require more coordination compared to having a wedding at a venue. As you begin to plan and allocate funds for expenses, consider the areas below that are often overlooked. Add these items to your list and you are a few steps closer to bringing your vision to life and having a stress free event.

Restrooms - Consider renting a portable lavatory for your guests to use. The prices vary based on the unit having built in plumbing or not (can flush toilet) or the number of stalls for example.

Layout - When planning an event in your yard, outline the layout of all free space. This includes driveways, side of house, paths and grass. This will come in handy when vendors identify how much square footage is required to comfortably accommodate their equipment and your guests. This includes tents, transition flow, etc.

Parking - Unless you live next to a municipal parking lot, chances are arrangements need to be made for guest parking. First talk to your neighbors or send a note advising them that you will have a gathering and they will notice an increase in parking in the area. Also try to leverage your neighbors' driveways as an opportunity for parking at a nominal fee. This may require additional resources to help with parking or directing traffic.

Lighting - Lighting has so many purposes for an event. Consider power requirements for lighting and the closest locations from the area to light. Consider lighting your natural landscape to illuminate the evening.

Libations - To reduce spend on alcohol, consider a predefined menu of signature cocktails as well as beer, wine and soda. This will speed up time it takes to make drinks and calculate the amount to buy.

This may seem like a lot of information but that is the role of an Event Planner, to keep you informed and it's only the beginning. Do you have more questions on how to bring your vision to life without breaking the bank? We can help. Call us today!

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