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Things to consider before searching for an Event Planner?

Are you ready to get started on your Event Planning Journey and need the help of a planner? When you begin to reach out to planners, often there are some questions asked in order to better understand your vision. This information helps Event Planners to determine how we can help.

You may wonder, what are some of the questions the Event Planners will ask you during your conversation? To save you time and stress we prepared a quick checklist of what to do before you begin your search for a planner.

1. Create your vision - Think about some of the major wedding elements you want included in your big day.

2. Have two or three wedding dates - There are two types of couples, those that get married on a day that is meaningful to them and others that get married on a date that is convenient/available at their dream venue. In either case, it is recommended to have at least two options (dates or seasons respectively). In the event the venue you want is not available on your preferred date or you need to consider an alternate date to fit your budget, this will help the wedding planner (us) find the right venues for you.

3. Budget - Have an idea of the amount that you comfortably want to spend (including the cost of the Event Planner and a contingency reserve). Once you have that dollar amount you can begin to itemize the line item costs for your vision. We offer budget templates to help itemize the costs compared to industry recommendation or personal preference.

4. Guest Count - A rough idea of the guest count will help to identify venues that can hold your party comfortably. Before looking for venues, you want to have a range in mind for guests. Another suggestion is to ask for the max number of seated guests a space can hold.

5. Time - In addition to ensuring you have a good rapport with your planner, be clear on the type of engagement you want with the planner. This will ensure you are not overwhelmed on your journey.

Let's us help you start your Event Planning Journey off stress free!

There is so much more to discuss, this is just the beginning. Once you have these items checked off on your list, get ready to begin your event planning journey. Drop us a line if you wish to have a discussion about your event or have a question.

-Distinctive Visions Events Team

Here to service your Wedding & Event Planning needs in the NY Tri State area.

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