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Tips on creating a Wedding Budget

When couples begin to create a budget, often times spend is allocated to the big items and they may overlook to include line items like taxes. tips and service fees into the budget. Here at Distinctive Visions Event Management we work to bring your ideas to life without breaking the bank, so lets take a look at some tips on how to create a wedding budget.

Step1: How much do you feel comfortable spending (in total) on the wedding? Step2: List out the components of the wedding (Venue, Dress, Suit, Cake Decorator, Wedding bands, etc) Step3: The reception venue costs is usually 40-50% of the total budget. Use the remaining half of the budget to allocate spend to the remaining items in your list. Step4: One of the items in the list should be a contingency fee (10% of the total budget), there will always be unknowns and this will help you prepare for them. Can you comfortably allocate spend to your budget to bring your vision to life?

If you think that you may be overlooking components into your wedding budget? Contact us and we can share with you a wedding budget sheet to help you get started. We are more than happy to review it with you to answer any questions that you have.


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